Senin, 05 Maret 2012

Garlic and Spices

This is one of my picture for the photography club. This photo was taken when our subject is 'spices'. Actually, i've taken so many pictures of it. But i like this one because its look nice (for me). I hope you like this picture. It look simple, but i love it. :) And if you want to see the other picture, just ask me and ill show you. xD

Sabtu, 11 Februari 2012

My reflection on art project

Im so happy when my art teacher gave me an art project. Especially when i know there was a film festival. So, we have to make a film. Actually, im not feel so proud with my movie. But, im so happy because i can do something diffrent in the school. And i also can learn something new, like how to edit a movie, and how to act in a movie. Ya, i know, my movie.,i mean me and my friends movie doesnt won any award except the fil director, my friend fellingga. She won an award as the best director.

And this year, we have another film festival. And there are also 3 films. But im not sure about this year. I mean, i dont think that i will got many part like last year. But, its ok..,=D

And i also like doing my chinese new year art project. We were making a coins, its like a chinese coins from a recycled cd. First, we were making a square hole at the middle of the cd, and then we have to paint it with a gold spraypaint. And after that the hardest part (for me) is to write the chinese hand writing. And, its done.:D

Ya, thats my school diary for today.,:D